Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Previews Continue...

I've got a date tonight. I've been asked to go out with my husband and meet a friend's new girlfriend. So, due to this (my husband LOVES to socialize) I'll, most likely, be starting the hunt early. But, until then, here are some more previews:

For the Men (slippers, boxers, steaming cup of coffee, and a tat layer)

Matchy-matchy XD

This comes in two versions (wearable and prop). 

Her Words are Just as Sweet

His Words are Just as Sweet

There are 12 items (13 hearts, the heels for That Night will be boxed separately) to search for. They will be placed for sale, for those not in the group, and can be found UPSTAIRS in the little room.

Also, I'm still working on some outfits for release... so look for those soon. Until then... I'm off to make sure the last minute details are taken care of...


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A little preview...

February first is almost here... I have been working hard to get the hunt prizes made... so without further adoooooo.... a few little previews:

Lingerie (mesh) (heels included but in a separate hunt item)

For the Men

Little Love Seed grows with love XD

That's all the previews for today! I'll post more tomorrow! Until then...


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Valentine to my Lovelies Hunt

Here is the hunt poster:

The hunt item:

The Holiday Chaos is Done... But I Missed the Crazies...

The holiday chaos is over... but I missed it so much I jumped right back in to the deepest end of the crazy pool!

February is approaching. As some of you may already know ~*{Lethe}*~ is participating in the Pimp My Valentine Hunt (going on until Feb 15th):

 Making that gift motivated me to get February's Group Gift done... and then I started thinking about how everyone has stuck with me through my hiatuses and bouts of laziness (its a chronic condition) sooooooooo... I've decided to put on my own Group Only hunt.

Once I decided to do my own Valentine to My Lovelies (hunt) that got me thinking about how people pop in and out of groups... and what, exactly, I was making for the store's hunt. Once I started making things it sort of... spiraled... out of control >.> <.< (I have a problem). But, taking in to consideration that at this point I have two full mesh outfits and a handful of other things (for the hunt; female and male) (WHAT?!? Rei made something for the bois?!?... Yes, yes she did...) on top of February's Group Gift (female and male) (DON'T FAINT!!!), I've decided that for the month of February the cost to join the store group will be increased (to a level akin to extortion... ~insert evil laugh here~). I hope this will discourage people from joining at the normal low cost to get the hunt items then dropping (because that makes for a sad Rei).

That being said... if you have friends that have wanted to join and have just been putting it off... or have a special someone you'd like to do the hunt with you... have them pop down to the store before February 1st and join the group. If they wait the group join cost will increase, BUT, even if they decide not to join but still want the hunt items, I will be putting the items out FOR SALE. This means they will pay for them while you (my wonderful little loves) get them at the mere price of a few minutes of your time hunting the hunt objects down.

Well, that was a rather long winded post... I'm off to work some more... Look for hunt item previews COMING SOOOOOOOON!!

Loves and Hugs xoxoxoxoxo


Thursday, November 1, 2012

November... Here already...

It is November first (farewell, once again, October). To kick this new month off I figured I'd surprise all my lovely group members with their new Group Gift (WHAT?!?! Rei got it finished and ready by the first?!?... Yes... yes she did. It wasn't easy. I had to constantly fight my own natural instincts to lay in bed and read for days on end... or play countless hours of GW2... it was love that drove me....)(~insert doe eyes and cheesy lovelove music~). ANYWAY... without further ado:

It's a mixture of mesh and prim (this one is more prim than mesh). The Shoulder Cape and Boots are mesh.

I'm off to work some more... and take my meds >.> <.<

<3 Rei

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gobble Gobble Hunt

As I mentioned before we are participating in two upcoming hunts. I hadn't finished the Gobble Gobble Hunt gift at that time... so I thought I'd drop in and give a preview of it now that its done...

I do love Nom-noms XD (the Gobble Gobble Hunt starts November 1st).

<3 Rei

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October here again!!!

As everyone knows I LOVE October! It's my favorite time of year! I've been very busy this year, I've had a death in the family and we've moved, but, I'm (tentatively) back and working on new products. I did manage to find the time to make a group gift for October. Aki announced the release for me and I've been pleased with the response (thank you everyone). Halfwraith Caerndow (she's wonderful) even blogged about it ( and has a lovely picture! (and just informed me that it was tweeted on:

Also, coming up, ~*{Lethe}*~ will be participating in the Dias de Muertos Hunt and the Gobble Gobble Hunt. I've finished the Dias de Muertos gifts... still working on the Gobble Gobble.... BUT without further ado........ pictures!

And... hunt gift previews!

(Dias de Muertos Hunt starts October 20th, Gobble Gobble Hunt starts November 1st)

And now I'm off... I've got work to do and more work to do... and there's that work I mentioned... and OH LOOK A SHINY!

<3 Rei